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Name, word, Silhouette, logo... quite everything is possible.

Order a custom pattern to create the folded book you dream about

Ordering a custom pattern

Zodiac signs

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A folded book matching with a birth date

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The folded book, an amazing paper sculpture

Discover a new paper craft using the art of origami on books.
With my patterns, you will easily DIY an amazing paper sculpture.

Standard models are adaptable to any hardcover book (respect the specified minimum height and the minimum number of sheets).
Custom models are created with the design of your choice to match the book you own. Each pattern sold in the shop contains:
- Instructions with pics detailing the process
 - Each sheet measures. (see an example HERE.

Activity available to everyone, you need:
- A book,
- A ruler graduated in centimeters,
- A PDF viewer (file format transmitted).

Make your choice in the catalog or contact me for a custom design.

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