Book folding: DIY an amazing book art sculpture

Give a new life to your old books and let your creativity speaks!

Upcycle your old hardcover books and discover a new way of working paper using origami on books.
With book folding art recycle your old hardcover books and easily realize an astonishing decorative object or trendy gift.

How to book fold?

* Each pattern contains step by step instructions and measures

Each step is described and illustrated with a pic.
The tables of measurements are clear, airy and lined to be pleasant to follow (book folding sample pattern).

* No difficulty level

Whatever the complexity of the design, there is no level in book folding achievement.

* Sheets or pages, how to understand a book folding pattern?

A book is composed of sheet and each sheet is composed of 2 pages.
As it is impossible to fold pages separately, sheets are always used in book folding art.
Do not rely on the numbering of your book, it often contains not printed extra sheets.
Knowing the true sheets number is important in book art detail, especially if you want to see a decorated inside cover.

What are the book folding techniques?

* Classical book folding ( )

Each sheet is folded at both corners, according to the pattern measurements.
The folds thickness keeps the book half open and gives it the characteristic book folding 3D effect.

*Cut and fold ( )

Each sheet is folded on itself and cut into tabs according to pattern measurements.
Then you can then choose an engraved effect (fold the tabs) or an embossed effect (fold the spaces between the tabs)
Cut and fold method takes more time than classical book folding, but allows one or more detailed designs on the same book.

* Mixed book folding techniques

If you want to insert text or designs into a simple geometric shape (heart, circle ...)
The pattern detailed 2 types of measurements:
- the geometric contour in classical book folding,
- the inside design in cut and fold technic.

Book folding catalog

487 patterns immediately downloadable.

Browse the catalog or select the criteria:
- theme,
- design height size,
- minimum number of sheets required,
- pattern price.

The folded book patterns are adaptable to your own book.
Pay attention to respect the minimum number of sheets specified in the pattern description.

Handicraft available to everyone, you need:
- A hardcover book,
- A ruler graduated in centimeters,
- A PDF viewer (file format transmitted).

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