Folded book
Cut and fold

To see how looks like a folded book pattern page of measurements
please click HERE

How it works

Patterns are downloadable

After payment confirmation, you will receive an email containing a link to download the pattern(s), PDF format.

The pattern includes:

- complete instructions showing with photos how to take marks,
- sheet by sheet measurements to make the design on your book.

To obtain smooth curves, I rounded the measures in the second decimal place (0.05 means half a millimeter).
You can get the measures with a conventional centimeter ruler.

Free PDF viewers (links):
- Adobe Reader,
- Foxit Reader.

Decreasing unit price on a single order

1 pattern → €8
2 patterns → €15
3 patterns → €21
4 patterns → €26
5 patterns (or more) → €6 /pattern

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