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Cherub book folding

Cherub folded book

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Number of sheets208
Book height20 cm

Cut and fold pattern with top and bottom margins, the height is the book one

And then after, here's an angel,

An angel in white, an angel in blue,
With his mouth and two eyes,
And then here is an angel,

With his long sleeved dress,
His gold network for his hair,
And his wings folded in half,
And so here is an angel,

And then also being Sunday,
First here is that gently
He walks in the sky
And then also being Sunday,

Here with his hands he prays
For children in the meadows,
And with his eyes he looks
Those closer than he must keep;

And all while being at peace
In men and in life,
To the world so of his wish,
Here with his mouth he laughs.

The Angel

Max Elskamp

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A clear and easy to follow measurements grid
The measurements page is aerated and lined to be pleasant to follow.
You can see an example HERE.

Manual and original design
I was the very first one to conceptualize Isaac Salazar’s art.
To create book folding patterns I developped my own computer tools. But to control its feasibility, the creation of the pattern is mainly manual.