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Yvette folded book pattern View larger
Yvette folded book pattern
Yvette folded book pattern Folded book done by Catherine using the Yvette pattern

Yvette folded book

Book folding pattern

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4 €


Number of sheets300
Design height12 cm

(Pattern in French, ask me if you want it in English).

The name Yvette comes from the Germanic name Yvo which means "yew".

The Yvette exude a sense of strength, balance and serenity that reassures. They are uncompromising beings with morality and justice. They refuse half-measures. They are reserved and distant women, but very welcoming and affable when you know them better. Hard-working and ambitious, their courage is undeniable. They are possessive and love money. In love, they are ready for all the follies because they are passionate.

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  • A pattern adaptable to any book format

The specified height is the design one (without margin).
To fold comfortably, add at least 3 cm to this height (1.5 cm top margin + 1.5 cm bottom margin).

  • Accurate measurements for soft curves

The marks are calculated with 2 decimal places:

6,75 cm = 6 cm + 7 mm + ½ mm

These measurements can be marked with a classic ruler.
For ½ mm, make your mark between the 2 lines of the ruler.

  • A clear and easy to follow measurements grid

The measurements page is aerated and lined to be pleasant to follow.
You can see an example HERE

  • Manual and original design

I was the very first one to conceptualize Isaac Salazar’s art.
To create book folding patterns I developped my own computer tools. But to control its feasibility, the creation of the pattern is mainly manual.

How to create book folding art
How to adapt the pattern to your book features