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Bowl of Hygieia cut and fold pattern View larger
Bowl of Hygieia cut and fold pattern

Bowl of Hygieia book folding

Pharmacy cut and fold pattern

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4 €


Number of sheets140
Book height20 cm

Cut and fold pattern with top and bottom margins, the height is the book one

Asclepius, the god of medicine was re-incarnated by Zeus in a snake, that is why health professions often have this animal in their symbol.
Hygieia her daughter, was consulted to know the foods to consume to stay healthy and the remedies to take to heal. By preventing illness, she avoided her father's intervention. She is the Greek goddess of hygiene.
In many countries, the snake twined around the cup of Hygieia (wine cup) is used as pharmacy symbol.

“Bowl of Hygieia” book folding for decorating a pharmacy, to offer to a pharmacist or a student in pharmacy.


A clear and easy to follow measurements grid
The measurements page is aerated and lined to be pleasant to follow.
You can see an example HERE.

Manual and original design
I was the very first one to conceptualize Isaac Salazar’s art.
To create book folding patterns I developped my own computer tools. But to control its feasibility, the creation of the pattern is mainly manual.


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